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In December 2006 Quintura announced the launch of the new search product for youngest web surfers - Quintura for Kids (quinturakids.com).

Designed specifically for kids, this new experience demonstrates Quintura’s continued commitment to change the way people search and find information on the Web. Based on the same cutting edge Neural Network technology used on Quintura.com, Quintura for Kids utilizes the Quintura cloud, which allows kids to find what they are looking for faster and easier than ever before.

Quintura for Kids brings a unique experience to an increasingly important group of Internet users. The intuitive nature of the cloud allows kids to develop and refine their search by clicking on keywords that appear in the cloud. The interface also allows for relevant searches around a set of rotating icons on the site.

Besides, Quintura for Kids filters undesirable "adult" content, so parents and teachers do not need to worry for their children. The service is reported to be successfully used in many english-speaking schools.

Try Quintura for Kids out for yourself at quinturakids.com.





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